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[sticky post] いらっしゃいませ / Irasshaimase

Welcome to My Journal~

First of all, may I introduce myself. My name is Marusera (まるせら / Et al Association of Meteor Observers in Setouchi Area). No, please use katakana instead (マルセラ). You can call me Maru or Sera or anything of your liking.

I'm working. My job isn't important because I'm officially a fangirl. How old am I? Don't ask. It's improper to ask a Lady's age. I'm tan by now due to my resignation from being a hikkikomori. My eyes are dark brown, Hair color is black... Or a bit brownish by now? Don't mind my grey hair. it's genetical problem that I have them in my young age.

I love anime. But Since I'm in Uni I couldn't touch them much because I'm far too busy. Fortunately I could still save my job as an Arashi-fangirl. Yes, I love ARASHI and my fav is none other than OHNO SATOSHI - sama. My fav pairings are Ohmiya and Yama. I like Sakuraiba too. But basically, I read and enjoy any pairing with Ohno-sama in it.

I wrote a lot but then getting disappointed with my writing a lot too. I would like sharing my ideas with any of you who is willing to listen, but I'm slow at replying due to my RL job. tweet me, and I'll answer faster (@marcella_ong). Usually, I'm available mostly at lunches or afternoons.

I'd like to write a fic anyone asked me to write. But I'm not that good to be asked, I know. With my crappy writings and grammatical mistakes... And I might take forever to finish a fic. And I am easily biased

Well, I'll make it simple so it would be easier to you, so I'll include my FF masterlist here. I know it's not that much, but I have my own dificulty to check my own entries without this. Well, I'll organize it later...

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Found these pieces when I browse through the content of my memory card.

Kyaa, miss that time when I could just play around...


and here's the chibi version >__<

ah, sorry for the low quality. it's from my old cell phone after all...


Their Time (20/??)


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A.N. I know I went missing for a long time now. It's the peak season of my RL job. This is actually a chapter I wrote last December but I couldn't find the time to post it. This might (or might not :P) be my last post until the end of March... I dunno if anyone still waiting for this, but, well, I just don't want to left my work unfinished. Thanks :D

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Birthday Message For Ohno Satoshi


あなたが行動する方法 、あなたが歌うように、あなたがダンスの方法...



嵐と一緒の健康と幸運 と繁栄と幸福のために祈る


誕生日おめでとう 大野 智 様〜


Oh-chan Bday


Their Time (19/??)

Their Time (18/??)




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Their Time (17/??)




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Their Time (16/??)

 Chapter 16

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Their Time (15/??)

 Please just enjoy? *wink wink*

 Chapter 15


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Their Time (14/??)

 Well, I know I said I will stop posting this for a while. But I couldn't stand this anymore. Suddenly I lost my ideas for Half Parts of Letting Go  but I guess I just need some time. So while at it I wrote chapters of this... I decided to share it in community for now even though I don't know the ending of this story yet. This Chapter might seems plain, I warned you. And as always, will contain grammatical errors, but please enjoy...

Chapter 14

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